About Us

We are a group of girls who love reading  and would like to explore the vast expanses of the literary universe as much as we can, and learn while doing it.  


Miss Felicity Fox– I am the leader of this mysterious society of those who endeavor to keep their noses firmly hidden behind the subtle smell of ink and paper, of those who enjoy getting lost in the stacks, and of those who consider tasty provisions a necessity when enjoying literature.

Julie of the Wolves- Hawkeye + Annabeth + Uriah + Prue + Ginny + Neville + Albert + Hazel Grace + Scout = Who I am (If you know where all of these are from I will love you forever)

Miss Brunette Bronte- I am the greyhound-loving mystery junkie of the group, finding closure in the kitchen and in an English saddle.

P. Star

S. Bob-

Lady Artemis Stormborn- The passionate intellectual of our group, I enjoy contemplating the allegories of both literature and life. Additionally, I am the occasional poet, a lover of orchids, and compete in fierce swordplay in my downtime.

Essalure Lenara

I like chocolate and Lord of the Rings. Have a Very Fine Day. /)



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