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Bookmarks; the surprising joy

By Julie of the Wolves



For the longest time, I looked down on bookmarks. I was one of those people who dog-eared library books, with no regard to the sanctity of the pages, but recently, I have discovered the joy of bookmarks. It all started when I checked out a book of fairy tales from the library. The book was printed around 1950, the pages were thin and fragile, and the binding didn’t allow the book to open all the way. I didn’t want to damage the seemingly ancient book, so I dove into a hard-core crafting session, and made myself a beautiful bookmark. And as I tucked the colorful rectangle between the decrepit pages, I realized that maybe, there was another way. Maybe, I didn’t have to cruelly force the corners of the books that I read to hold my place, that instead I could use slips of card stock that reflect my personality to hold the my spot in the tomes that are reshaping it.



by Miss Felicity Fox and Essalure Lenara



Nice Nutella napping near nefarious nitrogen narwhales.






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